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New Gotham TV Series Filming in Chelsea NYC

This photo was snapped in Chelsea and shows the no parking poster due to the filming of the new Fox T.V. series Gotham which premiers this Fall. The filming starts at 10pm on Wednesday July 30th and ends on the 31st. The location is West 31st street between 7th and 8th avenue.

The Gotham TV show is inspired by the DC comics Batman story. It revolves around James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) as a young detective working his way up the ranks in Gotham. The story starts with intro to Gordon as he takes on the case of the murdered parents of Bruce Wayne. It's more of the James Gordon story rather than Batman.

Gotham TV series filming in NYC

Film location of Gotham TV series

Here is the trailer for the Gotham TV show.

Location: Chelsea, New York, NY, USA
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