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Escape The Room NYC Downtown Game Photos - Inside Look

Yesterday I was able to participate in the popular Escape the Room NYC game at the downtown location, 107 Suffolk street, with my coworkers. It was a very fun experience and would definitely do it again. We had two teams, team 1 was assigned to the Apartment and team 2 was assigned to the Theater. Both teams successfully completed the games and escaped the rooms! Team 1 completed in 57 minutes and team 2 in 53 minutes.

Here are some photos I captured of the downtown location as well as a sneak peek of the control room showing the cameras monitoring the rooms.

Escape The Room Downtown Entrance
Main entrance to the Escape The Room downtown building

Escape the Room downtown second entrance
Second entrance to the Escape the Room downtown building.

Escape the Room sign in the staircaseSign in the staircase walking up to the 2nd floor.

The reception waiting area at Escape The Room NYC Downtown
Waiting area for the Escape The Room NYC Downtown

Sign in the waiting area.

Escape the room prep games in the reception area
Brain prep games available in the main area.

Escape The Room NYC instructor prepping folks for the game
Instructor prepping people for the game.

Escape The Room NYC Control Room
Control Room

Escape The Room Camera Monitor Theater Game Room
A close up shot of the camera monitor in the control room. View of the Theater game room.

Location: Lower East Side, New York, NY, USA
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